12/9/22 – Jeanette in Oklahoma
re: In His Dust - His Word, Our Defense

Dear Beth Ann, This is to say "thank you" for sharing your insights from the teachings of Dr. Dwight Pryor...it would have been so easy for you to selfishly keep them to yourself. I've often heard the word "tenakh" but was clueless as to its meaning. I'll be looking (with great anticipation) to your future emails and may the favour of our LORD continue to rest heavily upn your business/ministry!  


9/30/22 – Debbie in South Carolina
re: No Trace [the book]

Every time I read No Trace I cry rivers of water! I am so grateful for this story of His love!


10/24/22 – Diane in Ohio
re: No Trace [the book]

Bless you Beth Ann! Love love love your heart! This book has really impacted us! I will share the books with my women’s group!


9/6/22 – Charlotte in Illinois
re: His Very Words, Part 5

OK… I hear Him! Thank you, as always, for sharing His Word for this season. This morning, He spoke to me through this Word. I wrote in my journal, “nothing can snatch me from His hand...not even me.”
Thank you for your teaching and encouragement. You are the best part of every time that I open my email. My journal this year simply is titled: He speaks…  He speaks through you, my sister. living in His lavish love...


7/23/22 – Tara in Indiana
re: Eternal Life, Giving Word

Thank you for this beautiful email. As always I learn a lot and it settles my heart to have such union together even long distance.

12/22 – Tara re: In His Dust - Binding and Loosing

Thank you for this updated teaching Beth Ann! It is so refreshing to read accurate interpretations of Scripture that are confirmed in His peace! As well intended disciples seek to walk with the Lord in the Spirit of truth, He is so faithful. 


7/18/22 – Faye in Iowa
re: Zephaniah's Song

I so needed these words. I love the idea of just sitting with "The Lord your God is in your midst." Wow - no matter what I am facing, Yahweh is there - in, above, around, beneath me. And then to think that he exalts over me with JOY! His pure, precious, unrelenting JOY!  Thanks so much!


3/25/22 – Fritzi in Illinois 
re: The Place of Knowledge and Understanding

Excellent and timely message! I shared it with 22 others that would appreciate it. Have a blessed day and weekend! 


2/28/2022 – Rebecca in Kentucky
re: The Mountain View

Beautiful....the song, the picture, the sentiment. Thanks for making my morning a beautiful one. 


2/21/2022 – Louise in Kentucky
re: Chosen for the Surge

Thank you for this timely devotional! My husband and I, now in our 70’s, are at a new juncture of life in which we are praying every day for divine guidance. These words you wrote are so appropriate and encouraging for us at this time! You are a beautiful example of how God flows through a fully yielded person, using the God-given natural talents and desires. And even I get to be one of the many recipients of what God is doing through you! So thanks not only for this article, but for everything you so lovingly share. I love you and thank God for you!


2-18-2022 – Nina in California
re: Chosen for the Surge

Thank you for sharing this beautiful devotional! It is very appropriate and relatable for where I am with the Lord right now. I can especially relate to the story of your friend Angel. Including having sudden onset of deep fear due to being sick. And even saying, “This is not like me!” Praise the Lord for His holy perspective! Even yesterday, as I quietly worshipped and waited upon him, the word he whispered to my heart was, “Abide!” Thank you for weaning us off of milk, and feeding us the nutrient-rich meat of the Word!


8/22/21 – Elizabeth in Georgia
re: A Portrait of Paul

Beth Ann, everything you touch is beautiful! This is just a magnificent blessing and an invitation to AWAKENING!! Thank you! Much love


3/5/21 – Julie in Indiana 
re: Ask vs Thank 

I really enjoyed this today. So many great lessons. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Hosea in Ohio – Thanks for this posting. It is a Gem!

Taushika in Ohio – This email is right in time. I’m dealing with multiple serious issues and I had to change how I word my prayers. I am receiving God’s help. God bless you always!


9/18/2020 – Barbara in Ohio
re: The Highway

Thank you for this. So thorough and comforting. God takes me into His heart just like you said - as Noah with the dove. I just today had the chance to read your message in its entirety. And I needed this. Bless you in your ministry, Beth Ann!


8/10/2020 – Anonymous
re: Heaven’s Leaven

Glory to Yehovah on high! What you shared is so close to what HE has been showing and imparting to me. Bless you for allowing the Ruach to speak through you. 


8/10/2020 – Ruth in California
re: Sparrow

A beautiful reminder, thank you! As a never-married single who lives alone, I sooo appreciate when people remember us during this time! We often don't feel seen within the church as it is, but this current forced isolation can exacerbate the loneliness. I try to remember to call or write each of my single friends frequently, just to check in and make sure that they know they are seen and loved! 


8/2020 – Amanda in Ohio
re: Shale Fragments emails

I love all of the amazing Biblical insights Beth Ann shares. Her research is thorough and her conclusions are complete.


8/2020 – Jill
re: The Freedom Diet

Thank you. Your site was given to me by another Christian sister. His "food" was spiritual nourishment! Far greater than any other nourishment we can receive. Thank you for nurturing and replenishing my spirit.


7/2020 – Anonymous

I love your ministry, your anointed gift of creativity and powerful insights and prayers! Thank you for all you do to bring the love of ABBA Father, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit to the hearts of His beloved children! Blessings.


8/2020 – Cathy in Arizona
re: Tabernacle Hesed Moon

Dear Beth Ann, Thank you for making your studies available to us. I have been crying out to the Lord to know Him better. The Lord has answered that prayer through you. Reading through The Feast of Tabernacles I have learned more about our Lord's love. I can't wait for the full moon during the Tabernacles feast days and be more aware of that time of the year. Hesed was a new Word for me, too. Thank you for this devotional – a real blessing to me.


7/2020 – Marti in Pennsylvania 
re: Beautiful Progressions of Repentance, 3 of 3

Thank you for the definition of “peacemakers” in your recent teaching on the Progression of Blessing. I had never heard this explanation and it is so eye-opening. I always tended to think of a peacemaker as non-confrontational. Peace-bringer makes much more sense to me. As one who brings the presence of Jesus to others, I see this played out. Jesus is Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, but also He is highly offensive to one with a closed heart, not yet ready to see themselves or Him clearly. I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude, your teachings are of the Spirit and they spur me on to love and good works, for the Kingdom.


5/7/2020 – Jane in Indiana
re: The Master Marksman

Shalom, dear one. There was and is such an anointing on what you've shared. As I read it was if the very words flew off the written page / screen and pierced my innermost being with confirmation, with strength, with purpose, and with revelation.  

I do not write these words casually. I rarely encounter an article, an email, or even a human that speaks or writes succinctly and precisely in alignment with Abba's Word. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. Shalom in abundance.


5/6/2020 – Tara in Indiana 
re: Acute Anchor Awareness

Your wisdom gained through the Holy Spirit and your own experiences have just now given me such peace of mind!

YOU HAVE the sharpest, most pure gift on display that cuts through the darkness of all discouragement in our lives as children of God. You ARE abundantly blessed beyond more than MOST I HAVE EVER SEEN in the gifting of the Holy Spirit.  

The Acute Anchor Awareness article is going to help a lot of people! To God be the glory! It is sprinkled with Heavenly power from the Holy Spirit through you! YOU help us to see Yeshua Jesus! You address issues right on time in this time we live and the ways in which we experience "doubt" even from wrong teaching! YOU were created for a time such as this! 


4/2020 – Cassandra in New Jersey

I love your thoughts and read what you send! 


3/3/2020 – Deb in Nebraska
re: What is the prayer of faith?

Thank you so much for your uplifting message!  I am grateful for your insight ... and for sharing to bless others!


3/3/2020 – Nina in California
re: Esther’s Story

Soooo beautiful!  I was so touched by the artwork, the story of Esther, your grandmother Esther and your beautiful reflections!  So timely and confirming, Beth Ann!


2/21/2020 – Ross in Texas
re: What is the Prayer of Faith?

I needed this today!


11/4/2019 – Marion in California
re: Full Fall Tabernacle Rains of Hope

I thank you for such beautiful words. They are helping me as I, too, experienced such loss.


11/4/2019 – Gloria in Florida
re: Full Fall Tabernacle Rains of Hope

I am confident I have read something this beautiful in my time with 85 years of memories, however, I promise you I have never read anything any more beautiful or appropriate to lead us into those arms of love we so thirst for…Jesus but, some never seem to find! You light up many lives!


11/1/19 – Tara in Indiana
re: The Tabernacle Hesed Moon – and Living in His Undeserved Love

You encourage the Saints even in grief. You are amazing. A true testament to His love. You will be in my heart and prayers. Lay back in the arms of His grace. Rest, grieve and remember.


11/1/2019 – Elizabeth in Delaware
re: The Tabernacle Hesed Moon – and Living in His Undeserved Love

My dear sister in the Lord, Well, your beautiful cards have legs, because they have walked into a beautiful teaching, my artistic little rebbitzen friend. Your words, and how you phrase them, are as lovely as your artwork and as needed. I needed your message today!  I needed to be reminded of His “Hesed” today. I’ve been through some difficult and very sad days recently, and needed to shake off the morose cover the enemy threw over me. Your words hit the mark! Thank you, Beth Ann – SHALOM


11/1/2019 – Ursula in Connecticut
re: The Tabernacle Hesed Moon – and Living in His Undeserved Love

For my morning devotional I used this post. What an inspiration, what deep knowledge and wisdom you share with your fellow believers and readers! In the future I shall also pray “I do not deserve to ask for...” It makes so much sense that Jesus’s love has already covered and forgiven all my sins from the past and those I shall, sadly, continue to commit in the future. His Hesed love, His shed blood has already redeemed me, the greatest sinner. Thank you, dear Beth Ann, for using God’s indwelling Spirit and your choice of extraordinary writing skills to share your insight into God’s Word with such exuberance and joy. I feel mightily blessed by you! I would like to encourage you to compile your in-depth writings into a yearly devotional. You are are a gift to the world! May our precious Lord Jesus, our Messiah Yeshua, continue to bless you with His love and wisdom!


10/16/2019 – Sharon in Ohio
re: The Tabernacle Hesed Moon – and Living in His Undeserved Love

Good teaching!


10/11/2019 – Deborah in Ohio
re: October 11 – My Annual Celebration Day of Deliverance!

You are truly a gift from God. Just keep doing what you do. There are many more people who need this word who may be struggling today! God can bring you out of darkness if we cast our care upon Him!


10/8/2019 – Lennie in Texas
re: Yom Kippur – the Culmination of Adonai’s Hesed

So beautiful, Beth Ann! Lovely inspiration!


9/11/2019 – Elizabeth in Georgia
re: Basking in Matthew – a walk through Chapter 13

Loved basking with you! Your art work is just magnificent. Thank you!


9/3/2019 – Jackie in Ohio
re: No Trace, A Short Story of Redemption

I read your short story and wanted to encourage you to write more! God has gifted you with the ability to put thoughts to words -- and your short story was so very enjoyable and compelling. Loved the verse references as well. What a beautiful combination it makes for feeling like you can “taste and see” that the Lord is good. I hope you have more short-stories within you to write!


8/26/2019 – Carolyn in Colorado
re: Laundry Line Logic and Organic Lawns!

I always enjoy your cards and encouragement. Today you have blessed me in a special area of struggle...my lawn. I am trusting God to refurbish and bring my yard into his loving order. My friends were praying for me…then here comes your email today! Thank-you for your obedience.


8/16/2019 – Lois in Ohio
re: Choice Children, Shine like the stars!

You constantly amaze me with your writings. I learn so much from you and, being an adult Sunday School teacher, you help me so much! May God richly bless you and continue to enlighten you on His word. I thank God for your art and writing abilities. Thank you so very much for sharing!


2/4/2019 – Mary in Missouri
re: God trusts you!

Wow, Beth Ann, your article about Amy Carmichael has me looking at the Reflector card in a totally different way! Thank you so very much for sharing!!