I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. (Song of Songs 6:3)

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can a flood drown it. (Song of Songs 8:7)

Since I created this card in the 1990s, I have studied the Song of Songs more in-depth. I have learned so much from my own study of the Hebrew words and God's insight, as well as from Rabbi K.A. Schneider's extensive teaching series The Song of Songs - Journeying into Divine Love, Jill Shannon's book Unveiling the Song of Songs, and Elizabeth Wolfe's book The Bride of Christ

On Page 79 of her book, Jill writes, "The Song is more than a song: it is a poetic teaching about the Lord's affection and yearning for His people, and for the future Bride from all nations who would later be born out of Israel's roots. It is a teaching about the burning flame of the Bridegroom's jealous love for us, presented as the Song of songs."

In these last days when darkness increases around us and the love of people grows cold, our defense, safety, protection, strength to endure, and our healing will be:

  • To know (deep in our spirits by way of His revelation) His intense love for us, and
  • To live our lives with the motivation that stems from His love for us and our love for Him.

Dear beloved of God, His love for us is deep, wide, greater than anything we can imagine! May He give us all a greater revelation of His love as we walk forward with Him, in Him.

I created this card in the 1990s with roses petals that I pressed in a phone book for a few months. I used a pointed pen filled with red gouache (opaque watercolor) to script the letters. I first arranged the petals with glue on antique, marbled paper, then scripted the words around the petals. I scanned the art to prepare it for printing. 

This card is available in the Florals 2 Collection at Flower Girl Greetings.

blessings in His love,
Beth Ann


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Blessings and love in Him,
Beth Ann

Great love
The Charges of Paul to Timothy for All Soldiers

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Monday, 27 September 2021

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