Choice Children, Part 2


Choice Children, Part 2
Choice or Chaff—The Daniel 12/Matthew 3/Isaiah 40 Connection
August 2019
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From the Hebrew word study of Daniel 12:3  from Choice Children, Part 1:  
“Those who abide in God consider their steps deeply. They receive discernment, direction and wisdom that causes them to shine so brightly that their lives enlighten, warn, admonish, and teach those around them without speaking a word. Their lives gleam with God’s purifying message, and many are drawn to Him through their brightness.”

In about AD 26-30, John, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth, emerged in the wilderness of Judea immersing Jewish people in the Jordan River. They would have seen this act as bathing for cleansing. John said he came to immerse for repentance. Repentance means to turn. John cried out in the wilderness for the people to turn from sin to God – to be cleansed from their own ways to walk in God’s ways.

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