Praying Isaiah’s Hope


Praying Isaiah's Hope
A Request for Healing
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Do you need to be healed today? I do. Let’s come into His presence with prayers for healing, praying from Isaiah 52 through 58.

I wrote this prayer in the first person, but you can fill in your name or the names of those who God is placing on your heart. I encourage you to read it along with your Bible, since these are my own prayers taken from the passages. I’ve noted the Chapter and Verse where applicable.

Praying Isaiah’s Hope

Father, Breath of God, bare Your holy, powerful arm. Let me see Your salvation in my life.

Even though that hurtful incident was traumatic, I can rest that You are going before me and protecting me from behind. Heal the inner places to purify my thoughts and responses.

Sprinkle me. Just one drop of your precious blood heals me. Heal every wound in all the crevices. You are El Roi, the God Who Sees. Only You know where the healing is needed.

The power of Your love has been revealed to me, so I know anything is possible with You.

Your earthly emergence was simple with no fanfare and yet…

You bore my grief, sickness and pain.

53:5 You were pierced through, wounded, gored, crushed, afflicted and oppressed… for me… for me to be whole. My healing from the effects of trauma, sin, fear, rejection, betrayal came at this high price. You gave Your life for me. You took my shame and replaced it with a lavish inheritance and changed my identity (Ephesians 1).

You were wounded for my wounds to be healed. I need You, Lord, to teach me how to avail myself of Your stream. You were smitten, struck down and cut off so that my deserved judgment would be cut off.

You willingly, silently offered Your spotless life for my intrusive transgressions, my walking into places and spaces, physically and emotionally where I had no right to walk.

And yet, Lord, it pleased You to crush Yeshua as a guilt offering for me. I am cleared. Touch my life with Your complete healing.

I will shout loudly for joy in the fruits of Your love!

I leave my shame behind. You are my Husband, Maker, Redeemer, Compassionate Shepherd full of everlasting, eternal, unshakable, unremovable lovingkindness!

You have turned my affliction, lostness and confusion into a beautiful, stable home of gems, established in purity and safety.

I come to Your free, satisfying waters to listen carefully and receive abundantly! Settle my heart to linger long and drink deeply.

O High, Exalted One! You live forever in a high, holy place. At the very same time, You live with the contrite and lowly of spirit, reviving the humble and poor in spirit. Give me Your perspective on all life’s situations. Open my heart to Your truth.

Show me the right path that I might live in Isaiah 58:

  • Break every yoke.
  • Cause the light to break out like the dawn.
  • Cause speedy recovery to spring up over my perspective, my past, my emotions, and my body!
  • Remove criticism and replace it with empathy.
  • Disperse the shadows.
  • Guide each step.
  • Strengthen my bones.
  • Satisfy the scorched places.
  • Be like a well of water springing up to bring life.
  • Rebuild age-old broken ruins.
  • Repair divisions.

Let me ride on the heights of the earth, seated in the heavenlies with You! Let me feed on the heritage of my spiritual forefathers! Only You can do these things! Come, Lord Jesus. Amen!

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