Strength and dignity


Strength and dignity
She rejoices at the future!

In July of 2012, some friends met to pose for pictures for me. Strength and dignity and Maidens in the midst are two Art Cards that were created from that photo shoot. The crude letters on these cards were created using Watercolor Art Masking Fluid. The watercolor was painted over the masked letters. Then, the dried masking fluid was peeled off to reveal the white, cold-pressed, cotton, watercolor paper underneath. It is very difficult to create letters with masking fluid! You may read the Maidens story here.

The young lady in the Strength and dignity Art Card is Sonya. She donned a blue dress a friend had given me years earlier as a gift. I changed the color of the dress to yellow to reflect her focus on the sun piercing through the unpredictable storm clouds. Her arms embrace the future with joy.

The words on the back of the card are:
Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she rejoices at the future. Proverbs 31:25

The Hebrew word for dignity in this passage is hādār, meaning honor, splendor, or ornament. This woman’s true jewelry or adornment was her character that reflected God’s goodness.

She had a steady composure and an inner joy even in the midst of the storms of life and the uncertainty of the future. Her diligence, wisdom, kindness, prosperity, and sensitive awareness of those in her care were the fruit of her reverence for the Lord.

If you are celebrating a young woman’s birthday, you may peruse the three Lessons for Young Women found at Shale Fragments. These writings may be used for:
1.  A Bible study (See 1 of 3 here) and (3 of 3 here);
2.  To print and include in the Strength and Dignity card; or
3.  To plan a tea party (See 2 of 3 here).

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Blessings and love in Him,
Beth Ann

Maidens in the midst
Elijah's Life and Last Days

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