Praying Cynthia's Way


Praying Cynthia’s Way 
A Personal Story
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Validate – to uphold; to assert to be true; to declare something to be well-grounded on principles or evidence; sound; inferred according to the rules of logic; or able to withstand criticism or objection.1

In 2014 I partnered with Rabbi and Cynthia Schneider of Discovering the Jewish Jesus to print our Hebrew Names of God Art Card Collection for them as a gift for their supporters. Two years later, Cynthia called to see if we could meet to partner on a few things. I was so excited! However, that afternoon, friends from Peru were arriving, and I would be occupied for the next 10 days!

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Welcome to Shale Fragments, a collection of writings and art for individual and group use!

Teaching God’s truth and the beauty of His Word is my greatest delight! My art card company, Flower Girl Greetings, was launched in 2012 with this purpose. In April 2020, became the gathering place for the writings.

As I have studied the rich meanings of the original Greek and Hebrew languages of the Bible, I continue to see beautiful progressions and connections that compel me to organize and convey their life-changing beauty! 

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