The fullness of God's protection

Shāmar is a Hebrew word that expresses the rich fullness of God’s protection. This card is available as a 4-Pack here at Flower Girl Greetings. A devotional word study is found on the back of this Art Card. Here are the words:

Shāmar is the detailed all-encompassing, constant, permanent protection of the Sovereign Creator God over His children. English translations use words such as keep, guard, watch over, and preserve to attempt to convey its meaning. God cares for us as a good shepherd cares for a flock or a gardener delicately tends the garden.  

The Shāmar Art Card Story!

A year after I married at the age of 45, my husband whisked me away to Bible school an hour and a half away. Well, it didn’t happen that fast! We prayed and sought the Lord to understand if we should really quit our jobs. 

Although it was difficult, we embraced all the learning. After having walked with the Lord for 22 and ½ years by that time, a whole new world was opened up to me. I had no idea how easy it was to look up the meaning of Hebrew words or how incredibly rich their meanings were!

As with the word Shāmar, many English translators would take all the instances of the same Hebrew word in a Psalm and replace them with a variety of English words to try to fully cover the meaning.

My excitement over the Hebrew-word meanings started with the Hebrew word Hesed (another Flower Girl Greetings Art Card that is available as a 4-Pack). After I learned the meaning of Hesed during a Tuesday night class in 2004, I walked outside into the night air and looking up at the starry sky just amazed and full of awe and praise of the treasure chest I had just discovered!

Our professor guided us to the process of looking up a word in our Strong’s Concordance, finding its number, then looking up that number in the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Jr., Bruce K. Waltke) in which I could then use their new numbers to find the in-depth meanings.Most times I was simply blown away by the richness I discovered in these word meanings, meanings I would never have discovered by looking at the English words.

As you browse through our Shop, you will notice many of our cards have Hebrew word studies on the back that give strong encouragement.

The colorful, watercolor Shāmar Art Card is a tangible encouragement that expresses God’s overwhelming detailed love and care. Be blessed in the truth, the undeniable reality of His care that was culminated in the gift of His Son Who took away our sinb and gave us new life in Him!

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Under His shadow
Full earth

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